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Speak Up

Public Demonstration

Why Speak Up?

Our elected officials work for us, period. So it only makes sense that we should check up on them, frequently. But how often do we actually... do that?

Casting your ballot on election day is only the beginning. It is up to us to make our demands directly to our elected representatives. 

Can you imagine how powerful it would be if you and all of your friends regularly contacted your elected representatives and let them know your bold viewpoints on everything from legislation to issues important to you, and requests for information and action.

Let’s Change Kenosha County Together!

We must Speak Up, regularly. If we really care about our loved ones, why aren’t we talking about the future of our community with them? If we care about our home and our country, why aren’t we diligent constituents who hold our elected representatives accountable?

Here’s How to Speak Up:

Contact the Media

Talk to
Family & Friends

Take the Mic

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