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Show Up

Why Show Up?

Because in-person requests are impossible to ignore. Because it starts a fire in the hearts of fellow constituents. Because it works.  

As the saying goes… the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Fellow Patriots, it's time to be the loudest squeaky wheel the Leftists have ever heard.

We need to Show Up to every school board meeting, every city council meeting, and every county board meeting. 

We must be willing to show up, period.

We Need YOU!

Are you ready to get involved on the ground level? The Republican Party of Kenosha County isn’t a faceless entity, we’re a group of likeminded warriors stepping forward to offer our time and energy in support of the principles we believe in.

We need people just like you to pitch in as we work tirelessly to fill elected positions with proven conservative leaders, register our fellow citizens to vote, and ensure that we all vote in every election.


You can complain and be frustrated about the state of your community and your nation, or you can roll up your sleeves with us and make change happen. Want change? Show Up!

Want Change? Show Up!

Attend RPKC Events

Monitor Public Meetings

Help on Campaigns

We Need Your Help Today!

Visit our secure form to get involved & volunteer:

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