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About the RPKC

Our Vision

The Republican Party of Kenosha County is shaped by its members and volunteers. Together, we uphold and further the conservative movement by recruiting candidates and poll workers for elections, assisting candidates on campaigns, and informing the community about important issues.

We fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If you value free speech, the right to bear arms, the rights of the unborn, fiscal responsibility, election integrity, or any of our freedoms currently under threat, stand with us! Only as a unified force can we preserve our liberties. We are a grassroots coalition made up of YOU, your neighbors, friends, and family.

Your Values

  • Our country and its governmental structure are exceptional.

  • The Constitution should be honored and upheld.

  • Families and communities should be free from government overreach.

  • Government should be smaller and more efficient.

  • Religious beliefs should be protected.

  • Health care decisions should be made by individuals and their doctors.

  • Society should respect and protect life.

  • Children deserve a quality education free from propaganda.

  • The right to self defense should be respected and never infringed upon.

  • Social programs should be for the truly needy and help lift people out of poverty​.

The RPKC is the future of Kenosha County!

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