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Kenosha Needs You

If you’ve been sitting around getting more and more frustrated that the country is going in the wrong direction, ask yourself what you’ve done to help. You are not powerless. It’s easy to pass the buck to someone else and then blame them when they fail. But the RPKC is ready and willing to support those who volunteer to pick up the torch themselves.

Contact us right away if you’re considering a run for office, even if you’re not sure what to run for or how to start.

The RPKC’s initiative is to get as many trustworthy conservatives elected to office as possible. To pursue that goal more effectively, we offer assistance to candidates at the county and municipal level with financial support and guidance through the entire process. Here are just a few:

  • Guidance with paperwork and filing for candidacy

  • Volunteers for nomination signature gathering, door knocking, and sign placement

  • Strategic campaign planning assistance

  • Literature copywriting and layout design

  • Yard sign design

  • Feature on the RPKC website

  • Invited to Pints and Politics events to talk with and answer questions from constituents

  • Targeted door knocking lists

  • Robocall and text strategies

Candidate support from the RPKC is dependent on a vote from the RPKC Executive Board.

Strategy + Dedication = Victory


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