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Kenosha Casino Update

*Check back for updates*

Do you want a Casino in your hometown?

Local elected officials will be voting very soon on Inter-Governmental Agreements (IGAs) which, if passed, would support the Menominee tribe's application to place approximately 60 acres of real estate along I-94 into federal trust land for the purpose of operating a casino in Kenosha County.

While the RPKC does not specifically take a position on this issue, we do believe in open and transparent government. The information surrounding this agreement has not been publicly available until now. Documents are just now being released to the public only days before votes are to be taken. Take this opportunity to reach out to your elected officials and let them know where you stand. (find your representatives here) Please check back often on this page as we will be updating it as more information is released.

City of Kenosha

*On Jan 3rd 2024 the city of Kenosha voted 11-6 to approve the IGA between the Menominee and City of Kenosha*

On 11-20-23 the city voted unanimously to defer the vote on the IGA until January 3rd of next year*

*The city of Kenosha voted 12-3 on 11-9-23 to move their IGA forward to a vote on 11-20-23*

Watch Video Here

The City of Kenosha will be holding a "Committee Meeting of the Whole" to discuss their Intergovernmental Agreement below on Thursday November 9th at 6pm.

Download PDF • 2.96MB

Kenosha County


On 1-17-24 The county board voted 10-9 to approve the IGA with the Menominee tribe.

On 11-21-23 County Supervisors voted to postpone the vote on the IGA until January 16th 2023 where it will be taken up again.

The County had a presentation on their IGA with the Menominee Tribe on November 14th at 6:30 pm in the Kenosha County Board Room

(Agenda and IGA available here)

On November 15th at 6pm the IGA was voted on by the Legislative committee. It passed committee 4-2.

On November 16th at 6:30 the IGA will be before the Finance Committee for a vote.

Assuming the IGA passes one of the committees it will return back to the full County Board floor for a vote.

Discussion about the IGA is seen in the video below @ the 10 min mark



Kenosha News

Bureau of Indian Affairs Application

Download PDF • 5.66MB

IGA County 2
Download PDF • 70KB

MITW-HRI Fact Sheet Final
Download PDF • 497KB



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